A Letter from Shongee

Thank you for stopping by!                                                                     

Before you shop, I thought I should give you a bit of  background about my brand. 

Why “Shongee”?  Shongee is short for Shongedzai which in Shona (the native Zimbabwean language) means to decorate or adorn.  

Since the age of 3 I've always been curating collections inspired by my Zimbabwean roots and life here in America. Then in 2021 I took a leap of faith and launched Shongee, a streetwear brand fusing African-design with contemporary style. 

I created my brand to blend the divide growing between contemporary American fashion and the  cadre of African and African-themed designers. The aspects of nature and lively, brilliant hues that are frequently employed in traditional African design are integrated every piece of my work. 

This unique fashion line is tailored for Men and Women seeking a to bring vibrancy back to a neutral world with new drops every season. After all...It's your confidence!

Explore our collections to find your next favorite fit.



Founder & Chief Designer